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Humanitairian aid for Ukraine

With your support we will be able to not only provide shelter to these refugees in the Netherlands, but also to those who are unable to leave Ukraine. Please consider a donation random amount of money or goods you no longer use.


Help house refugees

There are currently more than 64,000 refugees from Ukraine in the Netherlands. Are you able to some of them?

There are several ways in which help can be provided. Any kind of help is also greatly appreciated! Below are the options for which help is preferred at the moment. Click on one of the options for more information!

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Who are we?


UAID is an enthousiastic, young foundation established with the goal of providing humanitarian aid to the victims of the current situation in Ukraine. We have a dedicated international team which is willing to offer their support to those affected by this disastrous war.

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It is thanks to our sponsors that we are able to provide support to the Ukrainian people.